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Tea Adoption

Our Tea Adoption scheme is one of the first of its kind globally. The 20,000 square metres ‘Pinestone 21’ plot is located in Shangcheng county, Henan province. As it is at the centre of China’s famous Maojian tea producing region, the Pinestone 21 plantation enjoys the most favourable soil and climate conditions to produce the best quality Maojian tea. 

 Tea adoption

Shangcheng is also home to two scenic/hot spa destinations, one national geological park and one national forest park, where British plant explorer William Purdom planted trees in the 1920s.

Maojian, literally meaning ‘Hairy Tips”, is one of the ten most famous Chinese teas. This green tea is known for its thick white hairs on the back of the leaf. Maojian offers a slightly yellowish colour when brewed and the taste is refreshing with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Once picked, Maojian leaves are rolled into a long, straight shape with pointed tips, making the brewing experience very pleasant to watch. 


The Pinestone 21 plot is now open for 50 new owners to each have 400 square metres of land growing 200 tea bushels. Each owner will receive 100g of hand-picked and hand-rolled spring harvest Maojian loose leaf tea per month and will be offered the opportunity to visit the plantation (at their own cost) and to pick and prepare their own tea as early as next Easter when international travel is resumed.

The plantation is within one hour’s drive from the nearest bullet train station, where frequent trains are available to and from Shanghai and Beijing, taking as little as three and five hours respectively.

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